Trust GXT 658 Tytan 5.1 5.1 kanalen 90 W Zwart


Trust GXT 658 Tytan 5.1, 5.1 kanalen, 90 W, Universeel, Zwart, Draadloos, 8 m

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Experience sound visually
The wooden bass speaker provides 180 Watt power output and a great bass, which you can even see: the blue LED ring in the speaker reacts to the power of the bass, giving you an amazing visual effect.
Amazing surround sound
With the rear speakers having 5 metres long cables, it is possible to place the speakers almost anywhere in your room. The centre (250 cm) and front (180cm) speaker cables also provide you enough length to place them as you wish. The 10 centimetres high horizontal centre speaker is easily placed below your flat screen or monitor, completely surrounding you with great sound while gaming.
Control wirelessly and wired
The wireless remote control enables you to change volume, source (AUX or 5.1 connection), light, speaker surround sound, subwoofer volume and centre speaker volume. No need to get up from your chair for that!
On side panel of the subwoofer you can also turn the speaker system on/off, control volume and change the source.
For gaming, music and movies
This 5.1 speaker system is not only perfect for gaming on your PC, it is also easy to connect the speaker system to your other consoles like Wii*, Sony PlayStation 3* and Xbox 360* via the AUX connection to provide you great stereo sound while gaming.

* Only stereo sound available
Smart Power Management
When you are not gaming, the speaker system is very energy efficient. Due to built-in Smart Power Management, the speaker will go into stand-by mode after not being used for 60 minutes. As soon as you continue gaming, the speakers will turn back on.

Trust GXT 658 Tytan 5.1. Audio-uitgangskanalen: 5.1 kanalen, Gemiddeld vermogen: 90 W, Aanbevolen gebruik: Universeel. Gemiddeld vermogen satelietluidsprekers: 90 W. Type center speaker: 1-weg, Centre-luidspreker RMS power: 90 W. Subwoofertype: Actieve subwoofer, Gemiddeld vermogen subwoofer: 180 W. Stroombron: AC


Kleur van het product
5.1 kanalen
Gemiddeld vermogen
90 W
Aanbevolen gebruik
Aantal satellieten
Gemiddeld vermogen satelietluidsprekers
90 W
Amplification device meegeleverd
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